Revolutionary CBD Skin Care

Explore the benefits of natural CBD skin care – All sustainably and ethically made in the UK

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Premium CBD Skincare

Explore the benefits of natural CBD skincare – All sustainably and ethically made in the UK.

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Explore our premium range of natural plant-based CBD skin care products. Researched and developed to gain the most out of natures untapped gift – CBD. 

When CBD is infused in quality skincare products, the CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid receptors present in the skin. This binding of receptors activates natural processes which renovate and restore the skin cells, giving you a natural glow. In fact, Azora’s revolutionary CBD skin care products have proven skin conditioning, protecting antioxidant and sebum regulating properties meaning it is good for all types of skin including both oily and dry skin. 

All of our products are shipped the next working day so you won’t be waiting long for your topical CBD skin care dose. Our ethos is to create sustainable and ethical CBD skincare products for our customers. 


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Face Skincare

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What is CBD?

Cannabidiol oil commonly known as CBD oil is a product derived from the hemp plant. It’s a type of cannabinoid, which are the chemicals naturally found in hemp plants. CBD oil is extracted from the flowers, leaves and stem of the plant. 

CBD oil contains a perfect balance of nutrients that will nourish and moisturise your skin. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, perfect for reducing redness and acne. CBD oil also helps reduce the over production of sebum on the face. It is very beneficial for skin prone to acne and spots, controlling the amount of sebum on your face reduces pores being clogged and the chance of spots forming. All while not over drying the skin and leaving it feel soft and refreshed.


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Not only is it good for reducing acne, CBD oil has anti-aging properties. It contains anti oxidants that reduce the break down of collagen, this slows down the ageing process leaving skin looking healthy and youthful. CBD oil stimulates growth of new skin cells which is great for rebuilding damaged skin. Azora’s UK CBD cosmetics provide your skin with all of these benefits as well as helping out with psoriasis. View our topical CBD products from our online store. To find out in more detail about how CBD benefits the skin go to our articles.

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Who are we?

Azora Cosmetics

Our goal at Azora Cosmetics is to bring a new kind of skin care range to the United Kingdom and beyond. After dedicated research into CBD (Cannabidiol) and its benefits on the skin we created unique CBD skin care products for our UK customers to help them bring out their natural glow.

Team Azora are based in the UK near the city of Hereford. Although we currently only have a few CBD skin care topicals we are actively bringing you more of our products that you and your skin will love. Follow our Facebook and Instagram pages to keep up to date with company news and products.

The CBD cosmetics market has increased dramatically in market size across Europe and Australia recently. All of our brand’s CBD skin care and cosmetics are up to UK regulatory standards and are made professionally within the United Kingdom. 

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Frequently Asked Questions about our CBD skincare products from our UK Customers:

Is CBD legal in the UK?

CBD is 100% legal in the United Kingdom provided it is made from the hemp plant and contains less than 0.2% THC.

How often do I need to use your CBD products?

The frequency of using our CBD skin care varies from product to product. The box of each of our CBD products contains the directions for use and shows the frequency they should be used.

Do CBD skin care products help to reduce spots and acne?

Our CBD skin care products help draw out toxins, pollutants, and oils that clog the pores. It can be included into any skin routine but will not cure acne and spots alone.

How can I pay for your products?

You can pay for our products via our website. Once you click on the checkout button, our website will redirect you to the Viva wallet website where you can pay securely using your credit/debit card.

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“For someone with ultra sensitive skin I have had no reactions whatsoever, having been using the Face Cream for the last month my face is visibly smoother and clearer. I would 100% recommend”

Sophie | Customer

“I am in love with the face serum!! It has the perfect blend of being light weight yet deeply moisturising. I personally suffer with hyperpigmentation and extremely sensitive skin so couldn’t wait to try out these new products. I found that this formula calmed my redness almost immediately and dried my spots out overnight, I was overwhelmed with the results. I’ve been using this serum for 3 weeks straight and could not recommend it enough! Plus the smell is so luxurious that I can’t believe the prices aren’t higher!!”

Grace | Customer

Azora’s Eco-Friendly Pledge

All of our CBD products are designed to be made and shipped using the most eco-friendly and recyclable material as possible. All of our boxes are made from 100% recycled cardboard and can be recycled again once you received your topical CBD fix.

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