CBD skin care application
CBD is the new normal, and you can literally do anything with this amazing compound, and this includes slathering it on the skin.  It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that CBD is over taking the skin care world.  A lot of popular skincare brands including Sephora, Ulta, Saint Jane, and Peter Thomas Roth are also offering CBD infused skincare products. Just having CBD on the ingredient label is not enough. The CBD oil being used needs to be pure without any harmful chemical compounds. If you are new to CBD products, here is everything to know about it.
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What Is CBD?

Before we get into the details of how CBD can help you with skin care, let’s see what exactly is CBD?
CBD is naturally occurring chemical compound that is usually found in Cannabis plants including marijuana and industrial hemp.  There are two main active ingredients of Cannabis that are THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, and CBD or Cannabidiol.  CBD is a potential antioxidant which also possesses incredible anti-inflammatory properties that helps in reducing the lipid production from the sebaceous gland of our skin. Overproduction of sebum is one of the major reasons behind the formation and outbreak of acne. 
CBD actually works by interacting with the cannabinoid receptors present in every layer of our skin.  Interestingly, skin is not the only organ to have the cannabinoid receptors as they are spread all across the body including the brain, and the central nervous system.  Intake of any type of CBD product can help our body perform better, but topical CBD products are usually preferred for skin related health issues.  CBD oil is infused in serums, creams, masks, body lotions, and face oils.  Even though hemp seed oil has been a common ingredient in lot of skin care products for a long time, but it is not CBD oil as it has its own nutritional value, but it does not offer the health benefits associated with CBD. 
CBD is known to help with pruritic skin diseases, such as Eczema, acne, and even psoriasis. 

Benefits of CBD for Skin

CBD can help our skin in several ways like:

Treatment of Inflammatory Acne:  Research has shown that CBD can help in reducing pain, swelling, and redness associated with inflammatory acne.  Its anti-inflammatory properties help in regulating the inflammatory response of the skin which may be triggered by various internal or external stimuli. 
Regulation of Oil Production:  CBD can help in regulating the hormones that are responsible for production of excess sebum.  Excess sebum production can also cause clogged pores, which help in the dwelling of bacterial colonies in the pores, and lead to massive acne breakout.
CBD for Rosacea: It is a common skin condition, which causes flushing or blushing hence increasing the visibility of blood vessels in the face. CBD is known to reduce the symptoms of rosacea effectively. 
Saves from Free Radical Damage: Our skin cells can weaken from the damage caused by free radicals.  CBD may help to neutralize the effect of free radicals.
Helps with Hormonal Conditions:  Our body produces cortisol kinase and nitric oxide in response to stress, and these compounds can have derogatory effects on the overall health of the body including skin. CBD is also a powerful adaptogen, which helps in reducing the effect of stress hormones produced by the body under certain conditions. 
CBD as An Anti-Aging Agent:  The anti-aging properties of CBD can significantly help in reducing fine lines and wrinkles.  Risk factors such as inadequate diet and environmental pollution can reduce the production of collagen.  Lower level of collagen reduces the elasticity of skin leading to pre mature aging. 
Itching and Dryness: Dryness and itching is produced by skin conditions, like Eczema and dermatitis. Environmental conditions or inflammatory responses of the body can also cause dryness, and itching. CBD infused creams and lotions can also help in fixing this problem.  
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How to Use CBD Skin Care Products?

Using CBD skin care products is easy and simple. The layering of these products should be carried out just like any other skincare products. Just like we normally do, skin care products should be layered from the thinnest to the thickest.  If you are using CBD infused serums, they should be applied before cream. It is important to note that you should never make a self-diagnosis of your skin condition, instead go to a certified dermatologist or a licenced Health Care practitioner to know about your skin condition.

Wrap Up

CBD is an excellent skincare product that can be used in various forms to seek relief from several skin health problems without any potential side effects. Reliable CBD skin care products can help in having a healthy and glowing skin. Interestingly, CBD products other than topicals may also help in improving our skin condition. Ingestible such as tinctures, gummies, and CBD capsules can also be used for improving our skin.